Quantum Neurology

I had been experiencing lower back pain with numbness in my leg. This was due to degenerative joint disease and a herniated disc. I tried everything I could but I opted for surgery in March of 2000. The surgery helped some of the leg pain and numbness but left me with great fatigue, lower back persisting, and loss of balance. Over the next 5 years my condition worsened. I couldn't sit for prolonged periods, I couldn't work ( as a still photographer ) more than 1-2 hours per day, I couldn't go shopping for more than 20 minutes, and I couldn't participate in my favorite hobby which is riding horses. Six years after the surgery I had an emergency neck problem which I went to see Dr. Saltman for. That problem cleared up in a few visits but Dr. Saltman told me about a new system of neurological treatment called Quantum Neurology and suggested I try a session to see if would help my condition.

I had my doubts but I had nothing to lose to try. After the very first session I felt improvement—It was truly miraculous. With-in months I had most of my energy back, could go to the store without planning to be done in 20 minutes. I can now do all my daily activities, I can work as many hours as necessary, I can drive a car with-out pain, incredibly I even returned to a point where I was able to return to riding horses but at the beginning was unable to mount them by myself but after continuing with the Quantum Neurology treatments I did eventually get to a point where I am able to mount my horse by myself. I feel 10-15 years younger and feel that I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Saltman and thank you Quantum Neurology!!!

– P.Y. Hollywood Hills