Nutritional Response Technique

I came to Dr. Saltman with joint pain in all my large joints such as hip, knee, and shoulder. They didn't change whether I was sitting, standing or exercising. This latest for a few months. It was not interfering with my work. I had been to two different rheumatologists they both ran blood tests and x-rays and could not find anything wrong. Dr. Saltman analyzed me using Nutritional Response Technique and found that I had a sensitivity to soy and casein the protein in milk that he traced it to my joints. I was skeptical but I followed his advice and removed dairy and soy from my diet. Five days after I started I woke up that morning without joint pains!!!! I couldn't believe it was the dairy and soy so I had some dairy that night. The next morning I woke up and all the joint pains had returned. I stopped the dairy and two days later I awoke without any joint pains. I am very grateful to Dr. Saltman for finding the underlying cause of my problem.

– D.R. Van Nuys