Soft Tissue Manipulation

Soft Tissue ManipulationUniversal Chiropractic and Nutrition Center is one of the few offices that take the time to work on muscles and tendons strained from injury, stress, or repetitive activities. If left untreated, strained muscle fibers which get inflammed can cause scar tissue build up leading to chronic trigger points which will cause chronic pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs may relieve the pain temporarily, but they are not designed for longterm use, nor do they treat the root cause of the problem. Braces often weaken the affected muscles, and injections of cortisone or other steroids can cause permanent damage to ligaments and connective tissue.

Soft tissue manipulation is much more than a massage. It is a painless technique that focuses on trigger points within the muscle to provide welcome, and often instant, relief to the affected areas. By relaxing muscles contracted by injury or stress, this specialized manipulation improves the blood and oxygen supply, reduces buildup of lactic acid, and calms the inflammation.

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or tendonitis, or if your muscles have become swollen or torn due to acute injury or physical trauma, soft tissue manipulation will reduce your pain. In addition to safely starting the healing process, this technique will also improve your muscle strength and range of motion.