Chiropractic Adjustments The human body is a complex machine. Its state of health is inextricably linked to its central nervous system, which travels from the brain and down through the spine. If the joints of the spine are injured or inflamed, they affect the nervous system which, in turn, compromises organs and tissues affected by those nerves. An automobile accident or a fall can damage the spine, as can improper lifting and repetitive movements. An unbalanced diet, poor posture, emotional stress, and lack of exercise can lead to degenerative erosion of the joints.

Treating these structural problems with pain medications will generally only offer temporary relief. Drugs may also have severe side effects or lead to a chemical dependency. Surgery carries risks of infection and nerve damage as well as other dehabilitating effects and should be considered only as a last resort. Chiropractic care can avoid the need for surgery, and statistics show it to be many times safer than taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.

An adjustment or manipulation is a specific technique designed to release tension within joints in the spine. It is a quick and gentle thrusting motion, usually performed manually, that improves the motion of muscles and tendons, stimulating the nerves as they exit the spine. By keeping the systems of joints and nerves functioning properly, chiropractic adjustments restore balance and ensure that the body is better able to manage the stresses of daily life and keep itself healthy.