Health As An Investment

I'd like you to know important case histories of two current patients.

The first is a 39-year-old female who complained to me about recurring sore throats, sinus infections and fatigue. She said she was getting sick every four to six weeks and struggling financially because she didn't have the strength to work. She was not even up to going out with friends and said that life at this point was no fun for her at all.

My comprehensive nutritional evaluation uncovered specific weaknesses in her adrenal glands, liver, and heart and she had poor digestion leading to poor absorption of nutrients. Her diet was making her system too alkaline causing her to be susceptible to the recurrent infections she was complaining about.

To correct this it was necessary for her to restrict her intake of wheat and dairy products, eliminate processed foods and sugar, and take food-based supplements rather than the generally useless made-in-the-lab synthetic supplements often derived from coal tar. The food-based supplements I recommended for her adrenals, liver and heart also have digestive enzymes to support the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients.

The results of her therapy are that her colds and sinus infections have been virtually eliminated. In the past 18 months, she has reported only one mild sore throat. Her energy increased and she was able to work again. In fact, she had so much work that she started her own company. From their increased savings, she and her husband purchased their first home and are taking their first vacation in five years! This patient's HEALTH DIVIDENDS paid off in a very big way!

The second case history is about a 56-year-old man who complained of fatigue that would overcome him in the late afternoon. He works in special effects on a free lance basis. He also suffered from high blood pressure and had gained about 30 pounds he couldn't seem to lose. He was concerned about competition with younger workers in his craft, about losing jobs, and about time he had to take off to recuperate after after each job because he became exhausted.

His comprehensive nutritional evaluation and diet survey showed he was consuming far too many refined carbohydrates and foods containing hydrogenated oils. His digestion was weak and his absorption of nutrients, poor. An acoustic cardiograph indicated heart muscle / valve weakness and a need for B Vitamins. He had a deficiency of tissue calcium and was low on essential fatty acids. Tests also indicated adrenal gland insufficiency and kidney weakness, a factor in his high blood pressure.

I put this man on a sugar/carbohydrate controlled diet, advised him to eliminate refined grains, products with hydrogenated oils, and to eat lots of fresh organically grown vegetables and a variety of proteins with emphasis on fish to take care of his essential fatty acid deficiency. I gave him digestive enzymes and whole food-based supplements with glandular extracts to strengthen his adrenal, heart, and kidney functions.

Within three months, he lost 25 pounds and felt energetic. His blood pressure is coming down and I believe his medical doctor will be able to take him off his blood pressure medicine soon. Because his renewed energy and strength has given him a brand new outlook on life, he now works for a special effects lighting company with the possibility of a partnership. His future is looking much brighter. Another example of how well HEALTH DIVIDENDS are paying off!

Be aware that there is a great deal of mis-information in so-called health magazines, books, and on television. Trying to be your own nutritionist usually leads to poor results or incomplete results. Picking up the latest book and losing some weight will not correct underlying digestive weaknesses, hormonal imbalances, or organ dysfunction’s. If you are not enjoying good health it is possible that your evolutionary nutritional needs are not being met. These nutritional needs haven’t changed much in the last 40,000 years. These needs will never be met with diet sodas, processed foods, refined sugars, and the latest nutritional bar. It’s easy to get an “ I’m immortal complex “. Please don’t get caught up into the thinking that weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol are the only things that need to be worried about. Whether you are the head of a studio or still in school, independently wealthy or struggling week to week your bodies nutritional needs must be met for optimum health. Eating properly (which can be different for each individual), drinking plenty of water, getting enough exercise and enough sleep, and having a healthy attitude and well-directed mind are essential factors in maintaining over-all good health.

We offer a very comprehensive set of diagnostic tests, which help us assess the underlying cause of your health problems. Myself and my staff are committed to helping you attain your most optimum level of health, and getting a wonderful return on your investment in yourself.

Towards excellent health,
Ron Saltman DC