Sugars: They're Sweet But Health Destroying

You were probably wondering when I was going to get to the subject of sugar. Many of you know that I think that it is one the most health destroying substances found in our food supply. Many researchers, nutritionists, and health care providers feel that refined sugar should be classified as a drug. Many would disagree, but how many people do you know joke around about being addicted to chocolate, ice cream, or soft drinks.

For those of you who read labels, the sugars category includes:

  • glucose
  • dextrose
  • fructose
  • galactose
  • sucrose (table sugar)
  • maltose (in beer)
  • lactose (in milk)
  • dextrins
  • dextrans

... and syrups which can be made from sugarcane, sugarbeets, sorghum, corn, and maple Honey is also included among the sugars.

Refined sugar is truly a modern fabrication that does not exist in nature. Refined sugar contains no vitamins or minerals or nutritives necessary to insure good health. Researchers have estimated that in the mid 1800's, about 10 lbs. of refined sugars were ingested per capita. In 1937 it rose to 100 lbs per year, by 1958 it was 120 lbs. per year, and the last statistic that I have seen is that we have reached 140 lbs. per year per capita in this country. (Could this be due to the wonders of modern day advertising, or is it simply that many people are unable to keep their blood sugar stable and need a sugar fix (addiction?) to get them through the day?)

Just for review, here is a list of products that contain hidden refined sugars: cakes, cookies, pies, candies, confections, canned fruits and juices (check out the juices that even say natural they all have fructose or high fructose corn syrup), ice creams and shakes, jams and jellies, the variety of desserts, ketchup (did you know that Heinz Ketsup contains about 30% sugar and they have a patent for it so this is why in the health food stores that ketchup without sugar has to be labeled "imitation"), and our list would not be complete without including soft drinks (did you know that there is approximately 6 tps of refined sugar in a Coke!!!!).

So what is all this sugar doing to our bodies. It inhibits the functioning of our immune system and increases illnesses such as colds and flu. (Watch to see how many of your children and their friends come down with something after Halloween). Sugars also support the development of food allergies which can lead to the development of colitis, asthma, behavioral disorders, joint pains, degenerative joint disease, and muscle pain. Sugars interfer with calcium absorption, they interfere with the transport of Vitamin C making it unavailable for all of it's vital functions (see Health Tip #3 and Health Tip #13), and lead to Vitamin B deficiency (see Health Tip #7). Sugars feed candida (yeasts), fungi, and even cancer cells.

Since refined sugars lack the vitamins and minerals required for their own metabolism, they must draw on your own bodies stores of nutrients. As your nutrients get depleted, your body becomes less able to carry out other functions such as metabolizing cholesterol. Nobody ever told you to cut back on your sugars and carbohydrates to lower your cholesterol!!!

Controlling the sugar level in your blood is absolutely vital for your good health. You may already be suffering symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (pre-diabetes). Most of you battle with afternoon fatigue, or feeling out of control with cravings for soft drinks, candy bars, ice cream, and even alcohol to give you a lift. How about that coffee in the morning to give you that jump start. You may feel many shifts in your blood sugar during the day. (This is called reactive hypoglycemia.)

If you are concerned about any of the above symptoms and want to get your blood sugar back in control, I have a series of tests that I can perform in the office that will help me to determine which areas of your body aren't functioning properly. I then will put you on a sugar control food plan (diet) along with a vitamin and mineral supplementation program that is designed specifically for you. Please feel free to E-mail me or phone me at the office.