Our Philosophy

At Universal Chiropractic and Nutrition Center, we work with each patient on a case by case basis to alleviate pain and promote wellness.


We are committed strongly to the use of healing methods which, unlike prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication, will not mask crucial symptoms. These natural methods help us determine underlying causes without delay. Futhermore, they allow us to treat your ailments safely and effectively and either eliminate them or greatly reduce their severity.

Despite a bias by some medical practitioners, chiropractic and nutritional therapies are the mainstream treatments of choice by millions of people. Spinal adjustments and soft tissue manipulation have been practiced over 3,000 years, and an increasing number of scientific studies reaffirm the proven connection between healthy longevity and clinical nutrition. Through reflex analysis, we can diagnose physical, and biochemical imbalances within your body's systems and recommend the best treatment to correct those imbalances. Our clients are continually amazed by the speed and the level of relief they receive from their specialized treatments - not just for a single condition, but in the quality of their overall health. They feel better, look younger, experience fewer cravings, possess more energy, and are greatly reducing the possibility of more serious degenerative ailments in the future.

Whether you are suffering from physical injuries, poor nutrition, environmental hazards, or the stress of everyday living, we would welcome the chance to meet with you. Our services are designed to alleviate your pain and avoid relapse and reinjury, to help you improve the quality of your life through natural methods without dangerous side effects, and to support your progress in maintaining functional health well into your retirement years.